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Secretly tell recruiters you’re available on LinkedIn (without your boss seeing)


(BUSINESS NEWS) LinkedIn has developed a feature that allows you to share job-searching interest with recruiters without informing your boss.

Time is money

The job search is, generally, never an easy process. This is especially true when you are currently employed and seeking new options, because 1) it is difficult to find the time to search and interview, and 2) it is sometimes impossible to be in contact with recruiters without your boss finding out.

Luckily, LinkedIn launched Open Candidates last month, which is a way to privately signal to recruiters that you are interested in new job opportunities. And, being that it’s private, your boss doesn’t have to know.

Turn the switch

This new feature is a simple-to-use tool which is great for those who don’t have abundant amounts of time to job search. Open Candidates is utilized easily through your LinkedIn profile’s preferences.

Once you go to preferences, there is a switch you can turn on that let’s recruiters know that you’re open. You then answer a series of questions that helps the recruiter to see what exactly you’re looking for.

How to signal recruiters

First, you’ll insert the title of the position you are considering. Next, you’ll select the job type and whether you want it to be full-time, part-time, etc. You then go on to choose your available start time, which is broken down by month and year.

Once this is situated, you are given a space to write an introduction about yourself. It would be wise to tailor this to recruiters rather than just regurgitate what is already on your LinkedIn profile, as they will also be reading that at some point during the process.

Last steps

Then, in an effort to receive more relevant job recommendations, the little questionnaire asks your preferred location, the experience levels that you’re interested in, the industry(s) you’re considering (which then gives you suggestions based on your experience,) and the ideal size of the company you would like to work for.

Finally, one last switch asks if you would like to share your LinkedIn profile with job posters when you are applying for a position. If turning this on, be sure that your profile is up to date – the same is true for the recruiters looking at your profile; they will be checking to see that it’s up-to-date.


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