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The science behind productivity: more than motivation

Productivity is about more than downloading the latest time saving app or finding the motivation to get moving, it’s about energy management and focus, as outlined in a new video on productivity methods.



Productivity and you

We’ve all read about, considered, and even implemented tricks here and there to help boost our productivity, but it helps to dive deeper into the science of productivity to answer to our modern obsession with shortcuts.

Gregory Ciotti at teamed up with ASAP Science to create a video explanation of the basic scientific facts and tricks behind productivity, based on modern research about the human brain to address the biggest pitfalls that sabotage anyone’s ability to remain productive.

Ciotti notes that willpower alone is not enough – it is easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined. “This is because most of us look at productivity in the wrong way: it’s not about signing up for the latest task management tool (which, admit it, you’ll use for a week and soon abandon) or chaining yourself to your desk, it’s about understanding the science behind how your brain works, and using it to your advantage.”

The video teaches why worrying about having more willpower is “a fool’s game,” and how top experts get and remain productive, noting how their methods different from the average worker. The science behind better energy management is the key to productivity, and overcoming pitfalls that lead to busywork and procrastination instantly improve productivity.

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[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”lHfjvYzr-3g”]

With a new study revealing that the average American worker is interrupted every three minutes by technology, and averages 23 minutes to recover and regain focus on the task they were tending to when interrupted, the video above is extremely timely.

The study’s author, Dr. Gloria Mark said that the distracting nature of social media is “an open question,” adding that “the thing we [do] know is that stress goes up as we multitask.” She noted that too much stress impacts productivity, and that while workers need some stress to keep them going at work, they shouldn’t be so stressed that their health is impacted.

Lack of productivity, particularly due to tech interruptions can cause stress on the human mind and body, so obtaining healthier productivity levels can actually become a means of stress reduction. Thanks, science!

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