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TRIBUS launches real estate CRM, bets big on gamification


TRIBUS will launch a real estate CRM today at the National Association of Realtors’ convention, and offers an untraditional twist on a traditional tool – gamification. Will this get people to actually use their CRM?

TRIBUS launches CRM, bets big on gamification

Real estate website and tech provider, TRIBUS is launching its newly developed real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which they assert is far different from anything in the market, namely because it is centered around gamification (the use of game mechanics in a non-game context) which seeks to more deeply engage users.

The company says they researched extensively and beta tested, and found that real estate professionals were more likely to participate, engage, and stay consistent in executing tasks if a competitive element was attached to each task. Getting agents and staff to actually use a CRM is a substantial challenge because let’s face it, the tasks are monotonous and boring, but TRIBUS is betting big on gamification as the mechanism for keeping users’ interest.

“Gamification has always existed in some capacity,” said Eric Stegemann, TRIBUS Director of Business Development, harkening back to the days of grade school when we all wanted to hear our name at the top of the list of grades. “We see the same type of gamification occur in workplace settings, such as recognition of the top sales associate each month. The truth is, humans are innately programmed to function at a higher capacity if there is some type of game involved, whether it is tangible or perceived.”

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Other features of the new real estate CRM

Stegemann notes that it isn’t just a CRM with gamification, it launches with a bevy of features:

  1. One System – Connected into various IDX providers, right within the CRM system, you can see property views, saved properties, saved searches as well as set clients up on new searches. Soon you’ll even be able to communicate back and forth with the client about the listings directly from within the CRM.
  2. TRIBUS QScore: Looking at activities including email opens, new or changed saved searches, specificity of search, and more. Agents are proactively notified when someone takes action that suggests they are ready to buy or sell.
  3. Internal Communications: Through a built-in social network, your agents can communicate and share information with each other. Make sure that knowledge is better disseminated throughout your organization by allowing agents within a market or niche to share with each other. Your staff can also search and add additional information.
  4. Workflow System: Based upon any parameter, automatically task your agents or email out to clients. So if an agent hasn’t been back to the website in the past 3 weeks, gently remind them to come back with a personalized yet automated email.
  5. Email marketing: Your agents probably don’t send out regular newsletters to their clients. Through our system, agents can choose to allow your marketing managers to send out messages on their behalf. You write the email, but it will send with the agent’s contact information and from their email. They can even go in and see who opened it and what they did.

The CRM sector is highly competitive, and each comes with a different set of attractive bells and whistles, but the TRIBUS CRM focuses on just getting users to actually use the system – a bigger challenge than the average person can imagine.



  1. TheRECoach

    May 15, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    Man I will be watching this! getting that “Elusive” participation is HUGE deal!!! =)

    BTW – Love the Sugar CRM Ad after paragraph 1 … LOL


    • Eric Stegemann

      May 15, 2013 at 2:47 pm

      Hi Coach,
      Thanks for your comments. The participation and buy in of agents IS a big deal. We’ve spent two years working on it.
      It is amazing how far contextual ads have come, but that brings up another note: Have you ever seen someone try to figure out Sugar? Wow it’s like poking yourself in the eye repeatedly. And that’s coming from a tech guy! We built TRIBUS CRM to be the exact opposite of that on purpose.

      • TheRECoach

        May 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

        You’re “Preaching to the Choir” Brother! Let’s work on “gamification” and “simplification”!!! Which will all lead to “Amplification!” =)

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