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Verizon harshly boots grandfathered data hogs

(BUSINESS NEWS) Verizon announced this month that certain customers will either need to sign to a new plan or find another carrier. Way harsh, Verizon.


Overstayed your welcome

It seems like Verizon is doing everything that they can to give their dedicated customers the boot. The phone company announced this month that customers using over 200GB per month will either need to sign to a new plan or find another carrier.


“Extraordinary” customers

Last year, Verizon started hinting towards the change by claiming some customers were using an “extraordinary” amount of data. At the time, they did not specify what “extraordinary” referred to. Now we know the magic number: 200GB.

At the start of this year they began sending notices to customers who used this amount of data or more. The notices informed customers that they would either need to change their plan or change phone services by February 16th.

If customers choose to ignore the warning, their phones will be disconnected.

Keep in mind that these customers are grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan. For Verizon, “unlimited” doesn’t quite mean unlimited though. In this case, what they really mean is unlimited, up to a point. According to Droid Life, some customers have mentioned receiving the notices of extraordinary data usage when they are nowhere near the limit. At this time, Verizon has confirmed that 200GB is the limit, so that is the main thing for customers to be aware of.

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This is not the first change Verizon customers have had to endure. Last year Verizon raised their upgrade fee from $20 to $30 when purchasing a new phone. In addition, they began eliminating the 2-year contract.

With such changes, Verizon is attempting to get all of their customers on the same level, slowly eliminating the perks that the “grandfathered” customers get to enjoy.  Perhaps they are willing to lose a few customers in order to limit data usage.

For those customers using only 199GB per month, enjoy it while you can.


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1 Comment

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