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Is Zillow lying to brokers to trick them into giving up direct data feeds?

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(Business News) In a letter obtained by, it appears that Zillow is contacting brokers claiming their feed is not showing up in Zillow, but ListHub has confirmed receipt of all listings in question.

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Zillow’s alleged sneaky tactics

ListHub has sent out a letter to their MLS partners in response to concerned calls from brokers who have allegedly been contacted by Zillow, causing confusion. In the letter obtained by Realuoso, ListHub General Manager, Celeste Starchild states that brokers are being told that some of their listings are missing from Zillow, suggesting that a direct listing data feed could be provided to Zillow. The only problem is that ListHub says they have confirmed Zillow’s reception of said listings.

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That’s one way to get broker feeds.

ListHub tells their MLS partners that they have tested “numerous examples of these cases” and found that not only were the listings submitted from ListHub to Zillow, but ListHub has confirmation of reception of the listings. They also found that the listings were in fact, not displayed on Zillow… (Read more)


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Matthew Thompson

    January 29, 2015 at 11:45 am

    In my opinion there is nothing truthful about Zillow and Trulia. Since they were formed they have been masters of lying and extortion. Thank God finally real estate agents are wising up and telling Zillow to get the hell out!

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