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Ask the expert about the diversity challenges in the tech industry #ADJAMA

(LIVE VIDEO CHAT) Diversity. Just the word means there’s a contentious conversation to be had. But conversation leads to progress. Join us to tackle the topic of diversity in tech.




A continuing dilemma: Diversity in tech

You’ve read the articles, you’ve skimmed the headlines, you’ve probably had discussions on Facebook about it: Diversity. We continue to hear that minorities are screened out during the job application processes (whether deliberately or subconsciously), and the tech industry is especially challenged. We won’t affect change without digesting the issues at hand, so we welcome you to dive in with us and be part of the conversation, bringing your own questions and opinions.

In this ADJ AMA (Austin Digital Jobs Ask Me Anything), we’ll dissect the challenges the industry faces, what people are going through despite it being the year 2016, what you can do to overcome discrimination, and what companies can do to improve diversity.

Joining us on July 27th at 11am cst is Ashley Doyal, Co-Founder of RecruitHER, a full-service recruiting firm committed to connecting tech companies with diverse talent. We’ve long respected her perspective on this issue given her dedication to solving the issue.

This is going to be a fascinating AMA, and it might get contentious, but join us for this productive conversation.

CLICK HERE for the live event. Pro tip: Log in with Twitter, not FB.


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