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What does your workspace tell others about you?

(Business) Does your choice of knick knacks and wall color in your office portray you in a positive or negative light? You should know since others are judging you.



Your workspace tells others loads about you

You already know that some people are cluttered desk types and others are super organized, but did you know that many other factors of your workspace is telegraphing your personality to colleagues and clients that visit your desk? asked Helene Segura, a certified professional organizer, and Linda Samuels, president of the Institute for Challengeing Disorganization, to explain the different workspace characteristics.

Is your desk portraying you as a procrastinator or not serious about work? Let’s take a look at what your workspace is saying about you.

Clutter and knick knacks

Clutter of boxes and paper is said to portray you as a procrastinator who delays decisions and actions, according to Real Business. Further, knick knacks on your desk mean you’re a kinesthetic person who functions best with touch, but beware – too many knick knacks on your desk could mean you’re not serious about work.

Smelling good, staying clean

What does a completely empty room mean? It can mean that you are efficiant and hyper-organized, or maybe you don’t have enough work to do, the experts state. We would add that a lack of decor is typically known to indicate a worker is not committed to their job.

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The results note that scented objects mean you believe in aromatherapy (which is pretty vague and we disagree, but we digress), and should be mindful of coworkers’ allergies.

Photos and inspirational quotes

Photos of friends and family indicate ou have a life outside of work, but industry experts say placing too many may distract you from your job. For those of you who have inspirational quotes on the walls, you’re telegraphing that you’re a visual learner, so cues and reminders help you to stay motivated.

Noise and color

If you’re someone who needs music while working, you concentrate best when blocking others out. Experts note that color choices express personality traits, as blue, green, and neutrals are calming (so perhaps you are a calm type), while yellow is energizing.

The bottom line

While we’re not exactly sold that having a red wall means you’re a hungry personality (you may just be an Arkansas fan), or that smelly candles indicate a deep belief in the curing qualities of lavender (you might have stinky feet), or that clutter means you procrastinate, it is important to note that you’re being judged by your desk whether those judgments are accurate or not. That’s the real reason you should know what it seems you are saying with the state of your desk – what are you telling your boss or clients?

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