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#FacesofFounders connects like-minded entrepreneurs


(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) Entrepreneurs are growing rapidly. Join the #FacesOfFounders movement that just might help further the significance of entrepreneurialism.

Modern workplace

Freelancing, working remotely, and taking on entrepreneurship have become modern career lifestyles. Now more than ever it is incredibly common for people to be their own boss.

Utilizing the internet and social media, we are able to brand ourselves in front of the masses. It can be difficult to set ourselves apart from the competition, so it is important to use every tool at our disposal to craft an online presence.


One of the latest tools available is Faces of Founders. This website is a movement and networking tool for entrepreneurs, founders, and their supporters.

The website is covered in photos of people who identify as “Lady Boss,” “Entrepreneur,” and “Startup Hustle(rs).” Their photos are all adorned with the hashtag #FacesofFounders.

Share your journey

Their mission is to change the narrative of who is and who can be an entrepreneur. The website encourages people to share their stories through a series of questions.

The questions seek to reveal one’s journey and furthers the age-old thought, “If I can do it, so can you!”

First, the site asks you to explain your business and what problem it is trying to solve.

Next, it asks you to go into detail about your biggest obstacle during your entrepreneurship journey. Lastly, it poses the question of how your business contributes to advancing inclusive entrepreneurship.

Learning experience

By sharing your story, you are able to enter in a contest for a chance to be featured in a five-part sponsorship series on FastCompany that is featuring entrepreneurs. Participation in this movement can help your business move forward.

Even if the contest was not an aspect, participating in Faces of Founders is an innovative way to talk about your journey and to connect with other entrepreneurs.

This movement can act a learning experience as you can share tips with other people in similar shoes.

If building a business is something you have been pondering for a while but are afraid to take the first steps, reading and learning with other people who have been in your place can work as a wonderful motivator. So create your #FacesofFounders photo and get your face (and story) out there.


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