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OnePay takes care of all of your bills at once, no math needed

(FINANCE NEWS) Austin startup, OnePay consolidates your bills into one easy-to-pay bill each month; if that weren’t enough, it looks for savings in the process.

OnePay consolidates your monthly bills

Like most members of society, I make several brief forays into hell throughout the month to pay The Man my rent, utilities, internet, and insurance bills. Given that I have trouble remembering what two plus two is on most days, paying bills separately is an all-around pain in the backside.


OnePay saves the day

It appears that I’m not alone in thinking that bill fragmentation is unenjoyable though, and thanks to that, we have OnePay – an online service based in Austin that consolidates all of your bills into one easy payment every month.

That’s not all, either – OnePay searches for ways to save money for you in the process, with the sole caveat being that it takes 10 percent of any savings it finds as commission. Other than that, it’s completely free.

How OnePay works

OnePay is an incredibly simple process to start: you create an account, add your pertinent financial information, and – that’s it.

Each month, OnePay adds up your grand total in bills and sends you a figure; you then authorize a payment, and you’re done.

If OnePay detects a way to save a few bucks, it does – and if not, your bills are paid anyway.

OnePay as a business utility

As useful as this service is for the average right-brained (or scatter-brained) citizen, OnePay’s true application comes through in a more organized context. Any business owner knows the value of being able to press one button instead of 20; take an hour to link all of your accounts at the beginning of the year, and you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of time and money.

A safe bet

Of course, you can also make the argument that OnePay, as a money-handling service, puts users at risk for fraud. However, a cursory look at the official OnePay site’s security process and terms of use should put that thought to rest. For those concerned with over- or under-paying, OnePay has you covered as well—they’ll notify you of any irregular activity before doing anything with your money.

If you’re interested in cutting down on your bill-paying time and you’ve got five minutes to set up an account, be sure to head over to OnePay and check this service out.


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