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(Business Finance) has launched in beta to help consolidate cards and actually get more rewards, in a secure environment.

wallaby is an interesting new startup in beta

Chances are, if you are like most people, you use a credit card; and likely have more than one in your wallet. A typical credit card offers various rewards each month: 5% cashback on gas, double miles for airline tickets, and 2% back on groceries for example. If you have several credit cards, it can be a hassle to keep up with your rewards. So you wind up paying the fees for the card and missing out on the rewards. The Wallaby card makes your credit cards work for you. Plus, you can carry the single Wallaby card, but still have access to the rest of your cards without the burden of carrying them.

Simply tell Wallaby which credit cards you have (it is compatible with over 650 different cards) and they will instantly tell you which one to use to maximize your benefits. When you sign up for the Wallaby card, you select which type of rewards you would most like to receive from categories like gas, car rental, groceries, etc. and when you buy something, Wallaby analyzes which card will give you the best deal and automatically sends your purchase to that card.

There are no new bills to pay and no credit check; you simply pay your bills as you normally have and enjoy whatever relationship you have already built with them.

Add a dash of mobile technology

The Wallaby mobile app will tell you which of your credit cards will give you the most cash back or rewards for each purchase based on your personal preferences, which you can change at any time. If you enabled the app to access your location, you will receive extra offers to save even more.

If you are worried about all of your financial information being stored on one card, Wallaby says that they protect your information with the same security your bank uses. They use industry standard encryption across of their products.

They also use Digicert to secure their network services to extend validation with SSL Certificates so communication between your computer and their server is secure. And most importantly Wallaby maintains a “read-only” policy; meaning your name and information will not be shared or sold to any third party organizations. Bottom line: it is as safe as any other site that deals with money.

The Wallaby app is available both in the App Store and Google Play store.

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