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Microcomputers fit in your pocket, connect ...

Feb 24, 20131 Comment

Microcomputers can easily be mistaken for a flash drive, but don't underestimate these devices - an entire computer can now fit in your pocket and

google chromebook touchscreen

HP Chromebook details leaked, could launch ...

Jan 29, 20131 Comment

According to a leaked document from the HP website, the HP Chromebook could launch this spring with a bigger screen and faster processor and will

2012 imac 21.5" performance

2012 iMac performs well, but concerns over ...

Dec 03, 20122 Comments

While Apple fans are enthusiastic about the major improvements in performance with the 2012 iMac, a teardown reveals major issues that negatively impact repairability of

2012 imac

2012 iMac release date set for this week af...

Nov 28, 20121 Comment

Being released later than expected, the 21.5" iMac is coming out this week with the 27" version shipping next month.

Futuristic hologram computer concept is awe...

Jul 26, 201112 Comments

Computer of the future Designer Jakub Záho? has envisioned what he calls the computer of the future and based on current technology, it could be

Acer Aspire Z5761 touch screen PC has 1.5TB...

Apr 11, 20114 Comments

The Acer Aspire Z5761, a touch screen all-in-one desktop PC has just launched in Australia and New Zealand and is set to launch in North