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iPad app boosts productivity, saves professionals’ time

Boosting productivity with an iPad app

Sometimes taking and creating effective notes, plans, and documents requires more than just typing on a computer. Some find it easier to understand or formulate ideas when they have more freedom to create, draw, notate, and even scribble. The obvious solution is to do all of your note-taking and document formation and creation on a physical pad of paper, as this would allow you to have complete freedom to orchestrate your creating processes as you see fit.

But this also comes with limitations. If you wanted to change those notes or even add a few things throughout, you’d either have to start over on a new piece of paper or erase what you’ve already written. But there is an iPad app that will meet you in the middle of those two extremes, an app that will allow you to maintain your creativity and use modern technology to its best advantage.

The Remarks app lets you type or write with a stylus or type your document. From there, you can annotate, highlight with several colors, underline, create text boxes on the margins or within the document, or even draw right on top of the document or typed text. This provides you with many ways to record your ideas, and you can be as creative as you want or need to be. You can expound upon notes and ideas that were written or typed months previously. You can even annotate PDF files easily.

This five-dollar app can make you more productive during meetings, conferences, presentations, and lectures. And as it allows you to type or handwrite your notes, you can personalize your note-taking tactics and even change your method mid-stream. When you’re done taking your notes, you can send it to your coworkers or employees, print it, or revisit it later to make adjustments and edits.  If those you work with also have the Remarks app on their iPads, they can edit, review, and add to your notes.

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One user review notes, “This app should be a core application. It works perfectly. I find myself using it constantly. I perform a lot of surveys and it is the best for jotting down notes and creating sketches of work areas with measurements. The quick shapes and arrows are very helpful. What is really cool is when you import a picture and draw notes on it. A good example is when I take a picture of an area for new concrete work and draw an outline of what the customer wants including lines and measurements. Just awesome. I have most, if not all of the other note taking apps and Remarks seems to have captured all of their best qualities and polished them to make the ultimate tool. This being the first version I can’t wait to see what they bring to future updates.”

Remarks allows you to create documents that are ready for collaboration and revision, and that can be uniquely put together by what suits your mood or creativity at the time.  It’s a business tool that finally gives you the power and control you need to increase your records and productivity.

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