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YourOwnMaps lets you create a kick ass custom map in seconds to frame #MoveInGift

(EDITORIAL) Yourownmaps lets you create your own perfect piece of art to decorate or gift to anyone that has a place near and dear to their heart.

Memories of places past

New places are an inevitable part of life. Whether it is moving out of your childhood home after high school graduation, a super cool vacation you took with your best friends over spring break or moving across the country for your dream job, new places are an unavoidable part of life.

What better to remember those places than with a super rad map of the area? Yourownmaps let’s you do just that.

For you

Typically maps are reserved for geography classrooms and doctor’s offices but think about all the ways you could use one. But a map could also be such a cool move-in gift.

Yourownmaps could help you commemorate an old house, or celebrate buying a new one!

They could fill the walls of your study with every city you’ve ever conquered, or every town you’ve ever lived in. You can even zoom the map into any part of your city, highlighting the location of your particular home. Heck, you can frame your entire street if you wish.


For someone else

If you’re a broker or realtor it could also be an awesome way to decorate your office. You could have your assistant order one of these and frame it for every single sold transaction. At fifty-five bucks each, these eighteen by twenty-four inch posters make great wall art.Whether you give it to your customers or keep it to decorate your office, it’d certainly be a conversation piece for anyone who sees it!

Even cooler is that each map can be customized.

Maybe it is your client’s first home or your first sale. Perhaps it is the place where you recognized your calling in life, or the place your child was born. You have the ability to write a quick description about your map.

You also have the ability to change the color scheme.

Users get to choose between six different color schemes: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black or Light, each splashing their own hue onto the map of their choosing.

Maps for everyone

For clients that are selling their home, it’s nice to have a memento of their old neighborhood. For clients buying a home through the agent, it’s nice to celebrate their NEW home.

This is way better than a koozie or a wall calendar – they’ll keep this forever. Visit Yourownmaps to make a map of your own and let us know in the comments if you’re a fan!


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Kiri Isaac is the Web Producer at The American Genius and studied communications at Texas A&M. She is fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes and her love language is tacos.


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