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Having smart home features won’t lower anyone’s insurance (yet)

(HOMEOWNERSHIP NEWS) Homeowner’s insurance is expected to increase by 5.5% across the board next year – what will it take for insurance companies to get on board?

Google Home Voice smart home insurance

Look out for the increase

As homeowners install gadget after gadget to protect their homes, their insurance premiums aren’t getting any lower. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, homeowner’s insurance is expected to increase by 5.5 percent across the board next year.

There is no shortage of smart devices that you can buy to increase your home security. These days, there are apps connected to security cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, and even doorbells. All you need is your phone to watch over your house. So you would think that you should be rewarded for better protecting your home, right? Not according to insurance companies.

Insurance and tech

Home insurance industries have a love-hate relationship with the new technology. While insurance companies encourage homeowners to take action, they also feel there is no evidence proving that these devices increase security.

In addition, if they follow the path of the car insurance companies by decreasing premiums as a reward for using smart devices, they may find that over time premiums will become obsolete.

Homeowners who have already invested in smart gadgets feel that insurance companies should provide incentives. In other words, they want their bills reduced. Car insurance companies have already shown their support for devices that monitor drivers’ traffic and safety habits, giving discounts of up to 30 percent.

At this time, certain home insurance companies only offer small discounts as they continue to test the value of the devices. Policies are not expected to change any time soon.

Experts predict that it could take several years for insurance companies to get on board and offer lower premiums based on the gadgets homeowners install.

What does it mean for you?

Even as technology continues to advance, home insurance is on the rise. At the end of the day, your choice in utilizing these smart services should be a matter of protection, not money.

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So is it worth it to install smart products in your home for your security? Truly, it is up to you. There is no downside to having extra protection. However, if you are expecting more than a pat on the back from your insurance company, think again.


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Natalie is a Staff Writer at The Real Daily and co-founded an Austin creative magazine called Almost Real Things. When she is not writing, she spends her time making art, teaching painting classes and confusing people. In addition to pursuing a writing career, Natalie plans on getting her MFA to become a Professor of Fine Art.


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