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Toyota CEO says auto industry is doubting an EV-only future

Despite the adoption of EVs such as Tesla’s and Prius’ and Ioniqs, the auto industry is not sure about an EV-only future says Toyota CEO.

Tesla driver pointing to screen, representing the Toyota CEO saying that the auto industry doubt an EV-only future.

Prius. Smart Car. Telsa. No matter how you feel about electric cars, chances are you’ve had some type of exposure to them by now. While movies and childhood dreams had us expecting flying Jetson-like cars by now, the latest in automotive innovation is definitely the adoption of all-electric vehicles. Electric charging stations are popping up all across the globe, even in places like office buildings and apartment parking garages. Many homebuyers are looking for homes that have EV charging ability already installed. Despite the growing interest and country-wide adoption of electric vehicles, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda holds the belief that they aren’t the only way to make forward progress in the industry.

Toyoda went on to say that the “silent majority” of the automotive industry questions whether electric vehicles are the only way forward. “People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Toyoda told reporters in Thailand.

“That silent majority is wondering whether EVs are really OK to have as a single option. But they think it’s the trend so they can’t speak out loudly…The right answer is still unclear, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just one option.”

Instead of focusing solely on electric vehicles, Akio Toyoda seeks to build on a variety of technologies, including hybrids, hydrogen-powered, and battery-electric automobiles. He went on to say, “To achieve carbon neutrality, we must remember that carbon is the real enemy, not a particular powertrain,” he said.

“And frankly, BEVs are not the only way to achieve the world’s carbon neutrality goals. At Toyota, we believe in creating a full portfolio of carbon-reducing choices for our customers from hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, battery electric cars, and fuel cell vehicles.”

The Toyota Prius launched in 1997. Since its introduction, Toyota has sold over 20 million electric-powered vehicles worldwide. It’s estimated that these sales helped the company reduce 160 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Toyota plans to offer up to 70 electrified models globally by 2025 and predicts it will sell 3.5 million all-electric vehicles annually by 2023. Currently, that’s about one-third of its annual sales.

Despite the reduction in emissions, Greenpeace has ranked Toyota at the bottom of its automobile industry decarbonization ranking for the past 2 years. Here’s hoping the automaker can climb its way to the top, preferably sooner rather than later

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