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Jury selection began today for Realtor Beverly Carter’s alleged murderer

Realtor, Beverly Carter’s murder in 2014 dominated headlines and shook up the entire industry. Jury selection began today in the trial against her accused murderer.

beverly carter

Jury selection has begun today for the capital murder trial of Arron Lewis, who has pled not guilty to kidnapping and murdering Arkansas Realtor, Beverly Carter. The selection process is expected to take all day. So far, some jurors have already been dismissed due to their connection to police officers involved in the case, according to one TVH11 reporter on the scene.

The case has remained in the headlines, as Carter was well known in the industry. Her murder has led to brokerages across the nation reevaluating their safety protocols.

Carter was kidnapped and murdered over a year ago, her body uncovered five days after her disappearance in a shallow grave near a home she was set to tour with a client.

Coworkers will be in attendance

The local CBS affiliate reports that several of Carter’s coworkers are in attendance today.

“He always tries to turn around and look at everybody, but we don’t look down,” one friend said to the station about Lewis. “We don’t give him that satisfaction. I want him to see Beverly when he looks at us.”

Some evidence allowed, others disallowed

Although Lewis has pled not guilty to the charges of kidnapping and murder, but his estranged wife, Crystal Lowery cut a deal to plead guilty, and her charges were reduced to first-degree murder.

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The time it has taken to build the case has been emotion for those that knew Carter both closely and loosely. Investigators have also struggled, as a judge ruled that Carter’s cell phone found in the trunk of Lewis’ car along with a strand, was evidence that was obtained illegally, therefore may not be used during the trial.

The judge will, however, allow the audio recording from Carter to her husband asking him to not call the police.

Industry awaiting a final outcome

Carter is not the first, nor the last real estate professional that will fall victim to violence, so many in the industry tell us they’ll be watching for the outcome of this case.


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Carter was discovered on Sept. 30 in a shallow grave almost 20 miles away from the house she had been showing. Two people have...

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