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Oddly placed signs mock skyrocketing rent prices in San Francisco

San Francisco rents are notoriously high, but one artist has mocked their recent increase with parody signs on dumpsters and the like.

san francisco rents

There is nothing more truly Californian than oceanfront property, however few of us can afford it. In the over inflated real-estate bubble of San Francisco, many residents are faced with extraordinarily high living costs; from rent to utilities and everything in between, California living is expensive.

Photographer Scot Hampton’s latest series of works mocks the famously high housing prices of San Francisco, by placing “For Rent” signs around the city on uninhabitable items. If you were not aware of the high housing prices before, you will be after Hampton’s project. Hampton even took his sardonic art to Craigslist, creating an ad touting a dumpster as a “waterfront condo.” (See the project here).

Container living in SOMA!

My favorite piece is the studio container. Hampton heralds his “studio container” for the bargain price of $2000 a month stating, “container living in SOMA! All the rage, modern container living right in SOMA! Studio container with open floor plan, built-in bench, and rooftop garden. Close to SFMOMS, Yerba Buena Gardens, shops and public transportation. Utilities not included. Please DO NOT DISTURB current tenant!”

You can even live in a garden penthouse in the mid-Market area, if you do not mind living in a planter. Find a lovely studio loft close to shops and food, so long as you do not mind sharing your space with a few hundred letters.

Perhaps you are more of a loner, find comfort in a spacious one bedroom, basement apartment with classic architecture, but you will have to find your own radioactive turtles. Nothing compares to the property offerings of San Francisco and Hampton definitely brings the price point to the forefront.

While his signs are certainly humorous, they also bring to mind a bit of solace, given the high prices and overcrowded areas San Francisco residents face. It is certainly not uncommon for someone to rent out a couch, closet, or basement to supplement income. If nothing else, these images bring awareness to the fact every area has its downfalls, even when it is as beautiful as San Francisco.

Waterfront Condo – $5000

“Enjoy the sounds and smells of the UN Plaza fountain as you relax in your condo after a hard day of complaining about the homeless.”
san francisco rents

Studio Loft – $3000

“Government housing. Section 8 OK! Studio loft with vaulted ceiling!”
scot hampton photography

Cozy “Studio” – $4100

“Daily housekeeping included! .83 SQ. FT.”
cozy studio

Studio Container – $2000

“All the rage, modern container living right in SOMA! Studio container with open floor plan, built-in bench and rooftop garden.”
studio container

Basement 1 BR – $3500

“Spacious basement apartment. Classic architecture; very Romanesque and gothic! Arched interiors!”

Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.


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