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Property portfolios simplified with Honey Badger technologies

honey badger

There are many solutions available to serve the multi-family property market, very few for the single-family home. Honey Badger addresses the needs unique challenges of the single-family home, as well as, the more typical portfolio of multi-family properties. Honey Badger was designed by real estate investment professionals, to be used by real estate professionals. Honey Badger is offered in two separate modules: Hideout and Honeyhole.

Module one: Hidehout

Hideout is cloud-based and user-friendly, and able to handle property management activities from the time property is ready to lease. Hideout provides separate sub portals for tenants, owners, and vendors across all properties they are associated with, adding transparency into the process so that routine problems can be handled before they become major situations. It offers automated data sourcing by enabling data migration from different sources, removing the strain of entering redundant data, allowing you to speed access to important data, and improve management processes.

Also, it gives you an automated voice response system, allowing you to spend fewer hours on the phone. Tenants can place requests for assistance, inquiry about properties, or hear a pre-recorded message concerning repairs and outages. Hideout can also handle maintenance tasks from work order tracking and ticket generation, to scheduling, invoicing, and notifications. It also offers lead harvesting with Zillow and other syndicated partners.

Module two: Honeyhole

Honeyhole has document and media management features, including integration with Drop Box, YouTube, and others. You can check live auction feeds for real-time visibility on closures. There is a comprehensive construction tracking with inspection, estimation, implementation, and variance monitoring. All of your interested properties can be imported in bulk. You can also screen credit scores through Experian and manage your leads. Honeyhole seems to be the light version of Hideout. Since each one is a separate module, you select only the features that you need.

Honey Badger’s dedicated property management features enable better processes throughout the property lifecycle from acquisition to maintenance and property disposition. All marketing, financial, operational, and sales processes are handled in one platform to enable department transparency, better integration and overall efficiency. Also, you can efficiently manage all real estate holdings in a unified platform from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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