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29 resources for doing business in China or with Chinese clients

A lot has changed in China in recent years, and if you’re doing business with Chinese clients or seeking to open up shop abroad (or work there), these 29 resources will put you ahead of the curve.



Being culturally savvy and in the know

Whether you are doing business with clients from China and want to understand their needs better, or looking to expand your business abroad, although political tensions exist between our two nations, business partnerships are thriving in many industries, especially when all parties understand each other.

Eastern culture expert and AGBeat columnist, Monica Moffitt has penned dozens of helpful articles on topics that can help you to become more culturally savvy. See what you can pick up from the following columns:

Facts about a changing China

There is a lot of misinformation about China, mostly based on notions from the 80s, but the nation has changed, and so have the people. Catch up on what China is like today:

  1. China has one of the most diverse populations in the world
  2. China has launched a new free trade zone, even allows Facebook use there
  3. China has new leadership – who’s in charge and why it matters
  4. China has a rapidly growing Muslim population
  5. China has a growing, unique relationship with Ghana
  6. Pollution is, however, causing young talent to flee the country
  7. These American industries benefit greatly from Chinese investors

Overcoming cultural differences

When doing business with someone from another part of the world, language is a barrier that can be overcome, but cultural nuances are more challenging. Check out these guides to become more acquainted with some basic Chinese culture tips:

  1. Most common miscommunication problems between Chinese and American workers
  2. How to socialize in China (like: leave some alcohol in your glass!)
  3. “Crisis” doesn’t have a negative connotation in Chinese business
  4. The role of a manager is very different in Eastern nations
  5. Humility is how many Chinese businesses secure loyalty
  6. “Qi” is a concept you should know when interacting with Chinese
  7. Business schools don’t teach you properly about Eastern culture
  8. There are a lot of myths surrounding gender discrimination

Setting up shop in China

So you’re called to expand your business to China, or work abroad, but where should you get started? You have some homework to do, and this will put you in the right direction:

  1. 6 resources you must know before doing business in China
  2. How to research your international competitors, get a leg up
  3. How to attain and choose the appropriate type of Chinese Visa
  4. Finding and renting an apartment in China
  5. What new Chinese laws could mean for your business
  6. Facts about offering or obtaining employment in China
  7. Where to video market to Chinese customers
  8. Know the negotiation signals of Chinese business pros

Business trends in China

There are some important business trends in China that you could tap into to help propel your business or career:

  1. The rise of and types of Chinese entrepreneurs
  2. Hong Kong residents are turning to e-commerce in high numbers
  3. The elderly is a majorly underserved market in China
  4. The surprising top 10 jobs Chinese employers are seeking
  5. China is becoming more and more green every day
  6. China has an emerging non-profit sector

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