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Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos: 12 tips, tools, tricks for standing out

January 7, 2013

Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos and standing out

Since Facebook made the new Timeline features standard for all users, businesses have struggled to come up with creative ideas for standing out, and even when many have good ideas, it is tough to implement them. We’ve studied web trends for years and have long lauded the move toward a more visual element with big pictures and images rather than walls of tiny fonts, and Facebook is among the companies that have been a major part of this push.

Adding the ability for brands of all sizes to offer a huge image as a first impression to awe visitors is tremendously helpful, but many Pages are still not only ugly, but actually in violation of the Facebook rules which could land many in a situation where their business page is permanently deleted without warning. In line with the rules, we offer a dozen tips, tools, and tricks to help you stand out, even if you already have a great cover photo.

How to format your Facebook cover photos

  1. 11 creative Facebook cover photos: free downloads
  2. Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Twitter image size cheat sheet
  3. How to format your Facebook cover photo to be less fuzzy

Designing, setting up Facebook cover photos

  1. Picmonkey’s easy drag and drop collage feature creates Facebook cover photos
  2. Photoshop template for creative, custom Facebook cover photos
  3. Video tutorial for custom Facebook cover photos that rock
  4. Get your own live, updating Facebook Page cover photo
  5. Genius tool turns 2d images into 3d product shots

Hundreds of Facebook cover photos to inspire you

  1. 50 Facebook cover photos and best practices
  2. 25 fresh Facebook cover photos to inspire your own
  3. 40 brands using cover photos on Facebook Pages
  4. 50 more Facebook timeline cover photos for inspiration

The takeaway

While most people will interact with your Facebook Page through their timelines, they still have to visit the page for the first time in order to “like” it in most cases, so standing out by setting a great first impression is important and a great way to make some of your Facebook marketing efforts actually work!

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