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Facebook launches Creative Hub for marketing folks

facebook creative hub

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) The Facebook Creative Hub is like the ultimate research tool for marketers.

Stop, collaborate, and experiment

Advertisers have taken on the task of continually adapting their designs and marketing strategies as people increasingly consume all of their online content via mobile phones. So, in hopes to aid in this process, Facebook launched the Facebook Creative Hub, an online interface for creative agencies to collaborate, become inspired, and experiment with their advertisements.

Badass marketing tool

When creating a marketing campaign, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is how is your target audience going to view your ad? Better yet, where are they going to view your ad? The answer is most likely on their phone. Just as websites need to be responsive, you must provide the same functionality for your advertisements.

The Facebook Creative Hub was developed to help brands and agencies understand the tools, formatting, and design that make a successful advertisement.

The Facebook Creative Hub is like the ultimate research tool for marketers. For example, they have included an “Inspiration Gallery” where you can discover how other brands have created successful campaigns. There, you are able to view their creations and choose to incorporate some elements into your own marketing strategy. In addition, the Creative Hub is a center for experimentation.

You can see available ad formats, create mock-ups, and preview how your ad will appear in a live mobile feed. One of the most important elements in any campaign is sharing your work. You want to know how your ad will be perceived before sharing with the general public. The Creative Hub gives agencies the opportunity to share their ideas and send their mock-ups to fellow collaborators and/or clients.

Facebook’s creative community

One thing Facebook has always been keen on is continually building a community. With the launch of their Creative Hub, they are assembling a creative community of shared inspiration for the benefit of both the creators and the viewers.

This will give many agencies the opportunity to design mobile-friendly advertisements in the hopes of increasing their profits.


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