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Can Google really make Maps a social platform with a simple update?

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(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Since Google has already mapped the world themselves, they are giving everyone a chance to personalize it. Is Google Maps about to be a social platform!?

Saving and sharing

Is Google Maps going social? The app recently updated to include a feature which lets users save their favorite hotspots to lists and share them with others. Since Google has already mapped the world themselves, they are giving everyone a chance to personalize it. The feature is already integrated with Google maps, so there is no need to download anything else. The new addition will keep users on Google maps, providing an alternative to endless research and time spent finding recommendations.


Make and plan memories

To get started, simply search for certain spots, tap on the name and save it to a list. There are preset lists like “Want to Go” and “Favorites,” and you can also create your own lists. This is ideal when it comes to sharing.

If your best friends are visiting, you can plan out spots to show them before they even get there.Click To Tweet

Or you can send recommendations for any location to friends and family. The lists are saved to “Your Places” in the side menu of the app. In addition, icons will appear on your map whenever you are near your favorite spots.

An exciting start of something

Since it is likely that people use Google Maps daily (I mean, how else would you get anywhere?), the lists can be constantly updated. So the next time someone asks you for your favorite taco places in Austin, you’ll have that information on hand.

Users can share lists via text, email, social media networks and various messaging apps.

Clicking the “share” button will provide a link to send out. Once someone receives the link, they click “Follow” and the list will be added to their places so that they can access it at any time.

Google hopes that this feature will increase user interaction with their maps. People will have the chance to feel like a local no matter where they visit.




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  2. J Garcia

    March 19, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    This should take off like crazy. Thanks for the article!

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