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KnowEm + JustDeleteMe = great social media monitoring

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Monitor all of your social media accounts with nifty new tools, KnowEm and JustDeleteMe.

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KnowEm and JustDeleteMe for your social media monitoring

If you would like to maintain the same username across all social networks, but do not want to check each network for your desired name, KnowEm is the answer. KnowEm checks username availability across more than 550 social networking sites. Should you discover your username is already in use, KnowEm will not only help you secure your name across popular social media networks, but also, show you how to contact each site in order to have the name released and returned to you.

With a quick entry in the “search box,” KnowEm returns a list of social networks where your brand is registered, as well as ones yet to be registered. Brands can then choose to have KnowEm secure their username across networks and set up a profile with each network. You also have a dashboard on KnowEm where all of your social media profiles are stored.

The dashboard also keeps track of your username mentions across social platforms; including Digg, Twitter, and many more. Basic username search on KnowEm is free; however they do offer several premium levels of pricing and advanced features (dashboard is an advanced feature).

JustDeleteMe helps you jump ship

And should you ever need to remove yourself from social media sites completely, for instance, if your chosen name is taken, and you want to choose another so your marketing presence is universal across all social networking platforms, can remove all your old information and get you ready to rename. The tool (also available as a Chrome extension), makes it easy to completely remove yourself from a wide range of sites.

Gone are the days of endless digging through menu after menu looking for the “just delete me” button. Each company on is color coded: green denotes the removal process is easy; yellow, some extra steps may be involved; red, you cannot fully remove yourself without contacting customer service; and black denotes you cannot be deleted. is good for individuals, as well as businesses because many times a company will cancel your account, but they will not delete your information. So, any information they have stored about you, has the potential to be mined. Given some time, most people could figure out how to delete their accounts, but this tool saves you time by displaying all the links to the respective companies on one page. So it is easy to find what you need, quickly.

Our lives are driven by social media: whether it is catching up with friends, or broadcasting a marketing campaign, it is crucial that you stay on top of your information. For businesses, this means maintaining a consistent name/brand across all popular platforms, so users can easily find you. Because if you miss just one area, you could lose business and no one wants that to happen. By using KnowEm and, you can stay on top of both your business and personal data.

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