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#Tagsdock launches for Instagram and Vine addicts: Hashtag, you’re it!

#Tagsdock makes hashtagging infinitely easier, and puts you ahead of the game to increase your competitive advantage on Instagram or Vine.



Tagsdock gets your hashtag game on point

Had I known pre-social media that being popular in high school was just preparation for the real world, I would of done things differently. Today the web 2.0 is all about trends, and what is hot and what is not. Hmmmm… Come to think of it that was the beginning of Facebook.

The hashtag is now a necessary tool, creeping into our society through teenagers and then passed along to soccer moms, it is now everywhere. It kind of just creeped up on me; back in my day we called them pound-signs.

For a lot of you mastering the use of the hashtag might still be a strange endeavor. I know it is for me! I used to despise it when I would look at my clueless Instagram feed and see that symbol everywhere. It was like an unexpected raid from an invading army attacking me with #fomo, and first world problems.

Bow down to Chris Messina

The hashtag was created by Chris Messina, a super geek, and innovator of great proportions. He designed it for geeks to communicate with geeks; a secret code if you will, for the Technorati; a hand shake for innovation.

Let’s fast forward a few years later; and see the progress of this benign little symbol and what a startup called #Tagsdock has done for the hashtag community. #Tagsdock is a startup founded by Kevin William David( @kwdinc), what Tagsdock which enables hashtaggers to tag their pics uber-quickly, and uber-efficiently.

#Tagsdock speeds up your hashtagging

#Tagsdock has a simple to use layout and works with the IOS 8 platform, apple yo. It’s features include:

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  1. Simple one tap to copy hashtags directly to Instagram
  2. Choose from over 3000 popular hashtag categories to gain those precious new likes and get mad followers
  3. See the top popular trending tags on Instagram
  4. Add favorite tags or most used tag sets for your faves, insta-quick access from the keyboard, no more copy paste, it does it all for you!

Now you are ready go get your hashtag on!

So I take it your impressed? This is a hashtag super hero! Also for those in the know, you can use this hashtag dream machine to increase your chances of making it to the uber-special explore page. That is like being the king and queen of the snowball dance!

Download #Tagsdock for your Iphone now, and increase your Instagram swagger by 100 percent!


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John Linneman is a Portland, Oregon native who owns and operates small digital marketing business. He went to school at Portland State where he studied business, and writing. He majored in writing and theater at PSU, and still holds these things true, but has since moved on and transferred his talents to the business, and marketing world. Connect with him on Twitter or on his blog.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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