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Dating app requires a selfie before connecting; is this the new way social will verify users?

Blume works like other typical dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid, but the difference is Blume’s unique verification tool that requires a user to snap a selfie and send it to their potential match who has to snap a selfie back to connect.

blume dating app

Preventing harassment and trolling

Selfies and dating have converged into a new dating app called Blume. Blume creates a safer way to date and prevents malicious attacks from fake users who are looking to defraud, blackmail, or scam would be victims who are just looking for Mr. or Mrs right.

Blume works like other typical dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid, but the difference is Blume’s unique verification tool that requires a user to snap a selfie and send it to their potential match who has to snap a selfie back to connect. If the selfie does not match the users profile, then they can choose not to connect back.

Two-step identification

According to its CEO Cofounder Daniel Delouya, “Blume provides a safe environment where people can just relax and be themselves. Women, especially, tell us that for the first time ever they feel safe on a dating app by not having to worry about catfishing. That is why 65 percent of users who match actually initiate a conversation. Blume creates a platform where people can actually form authentic emotional relationships.”

However, dating based on looks can seem shallow. It is also disappointing when a potential partner doesn’t match the dreamy Instagram filtered fantasy that they are presenting. Blume solves that problem and creates a two- step identification process that prevents catfishing, and also requires daters more investment on their part. First, they have to like the user, and second they have to snap a real-time selfie of themselves if they want to make a connection.

Screenshots not allowed

Blume monitors users from taking screenshots of other people’s profile pictures or profiles and violates users who break the rules. The app can monitor the iphone’s screenshot detection activity and report back to the app if it has detected that the user has taken a screenshot and used it as a profile picture.  First-time violators will receive a warning and a one-day suspension. The second time, users will be banned for a week, the third-strike, users will be banned for a month, and finally the fourth time they will be kicked off for life.

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A virtual handshake

While not only being innovative for dating, Blume also has great implications for business and networking. Imagine using this technology to connect with a potential mentor or business partner. Using real-time selfie identification can prevent fraudulent business relationships and will deter would-be criminals from scamming unsuspected victims. This technology can be thought of as a virtual handshake, and an eye to eye greeting, allowing both parties to have more layers of protection than just relying on gut instinct.

Note from the editor: Though we disagree with Blume’s CEO that catfishing is the reason women feel unsafe on dating apps, we do see where he is coming from.


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John Linneman is a Portland, Oregon native who owns and operates small digital marketing business. He went to school at Portland State where he studied business, and writing. He majored in writing and theater at PSU, and still holds these things true, but has since moved on and transferred his talents to the business, and marketing world. Connect with him on Twitter or on his blog.

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