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TubeMogul relaunches as video ad network, which brokerage will jump aboard first?

TubeMogul syndication

A few years ago, we introduced you to TubeMogul which began as a website that allowed you to upload one video and syndicate it across all of the major video hosting sites. It offered great analytics for users that were easy to understand.

TubeMogul evolves

In 2010, TubeMogul evolved and added a video ad network, PlayTime and was funded to the tune of $10 million and they are now finally relaunching as a new company focused on brand advertisers and digital ad agencies, many of whom have real estate broker clients.

The site boasts the ability to go to one place to buy and track web ad campaigns in a more sophisticated manner, a lot more like running Facebook ads as buyers bid for ad space from $2-$15 CPM to target specific demographics rather than the company’s former iteration of strictly blasting any video to any free site.

Let the games begin

We wonder which big box brokers will step up their video ads and move toward a more traditional method that resembles television ads more. TubeMogul’s relaunch puts a real ad network behind video with a rich analytics suite.


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