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4 fresh IFTTT recipes for iPhone users


IFTTT adds new recipes to coincide with iPhone updates and photo storage and reminders just got 100% more awesome.

IFTTT updates catch up to iOS updates

In the last few days, Apple has made some updates to the iOS features on the iPhone. The first addition was the Google Search app for iOS, which allows you to quickly search for anything on Google with a few quick taps.

Now, IFTTT (the duct tape of the web that makes unrelated tools play nicely together) is rolling out new recipes for iOS photos and reminders to help you make the most of your iPhone.

1. For the photo hoarders

If you tend you hang on to your photos in your phone, creating albums to organize that endless stream of photos, IFTTT has a recipe for you: if you are tagged in a Facebook photo, then you can have it sent directly to your iOS photo album with this little recipe. This is also helpful if you like to review the pictures that you are tagged in before allowing them to be posted, since they are sent to your photo album, you can easily scroll through them and see what is there without waiting for Facebook to load each photo.

2. For the Instagram-aholics

If you simply cannot get enough of Instagram, you can have all of the photos that you “liked” send straight to your iOS album as well with this recipe. This would be particularly useful for business user that mine Instagram for new influencers or examples as to what the competition is up to. If you like the photo it will automatically be sent to your album, where you can see what you have collected quickly, without searching endlessly through Instagram.

3. For the productivity obsessed

For reminders, IFTTT has two new recipes. The first one gives you the ability to tag a Gmail email “to-do” and it will then show up on an iOS reminders list. Talk about simplifying your process there. No more copying and pasting lists from one program to another. Just use this easy recipe.

4. For the Jawbone-y folks

And finally, if you have the Jawbone UP, you can set this recipe to remind you to do a workout if you have not done one in a specified number of days. So, if you have not been to the gym in five days, IFTTT can automate a reminder that you need to go get a workout in soon. This gives you one less thing to worry about, which is always helpful.

Even if you do not have an iPhone IFTTT has a ton of useful recipes to help simply every day tasks; from email automation to picture organization, IFTTT has you covered. Check out the 25 recpies AGBeat recently featured to get started.

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1 Comment

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