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Australia does something with QR codes that doesn’t suck

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QR codes have been noted as a fad, a passing trend, but IF a brand adds value through the codes, it is useful and worth exploring.

mail qr codes

Australia “Video Stamps” are genius

Australia’s postal service, Australia Post, has come up with something that is actually cool when it comes to QR codes, called “Video Stamps” wherein people mailing anything from a standard envelope to a large package can send personal video messages along with their packages.

Users can record 15-second personal videos with their smartphones, and the recipient can view the video upon reception. The stamp can be purchased at any Australia Post retail outlet, and to get users in the mood, they’re offering Video Stamps for free with any Express Post or Express Courier International leading up to Christmas.

The free offer is good only for people who download the Video Stamp app, which then allows them to scan the stamp and record their personal message within 12 hours.

Here’s how it works:

Why this matters to your business

Although QR codes never quite caught on in America as many had hoped, and mobile technologies have already surpassed the need for QR codes, what Australia Post’s project proves is that if QR codes are used for more than the expected uses, and adds interactivity that could never exist otherwise, it can be a win.

If you’re a diamond broker, adding a QR code to a newspaper ad that simply takes people to your website, you’ve wasted your time, and theirs, especially if they’ve had to download the app to do something they could have just done with their thumbs.

Another industry that has enjoyed QR codes is real estate – instead of just adding a code to a yard sign that directs people to your generic website, direct it to a video about that exact property, showing the inside and telling them about the area. That is something they couldn’t have done otherwise, so you’ve added value instead of just hopped on a tech trend train.

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1 Comment

  1. Paul O'Brien

    November 18, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Color me impressed

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