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Bloggers: kick writer’s block with ILYS


(Tech News) If you’re a highly distracted writer or have writer’s block, try ILYS for an alternative way to keep your head in the game with this tech tool.


Word count be damned

After reviewing the ILYS platform, I am using it to type this article. I set a specific word goal and completed it in no time. There is something oddly refreshing about not being able to see the words on the page until the word count goal has been met. You see, ILYS is a new writing platform that helps you meet your word count goals without the need to constant click “check word count.”

If you are a blogger or writer that needs to meet a specific quota of words per post, or per day, you can use ILYS to create word documents in a flash. The same is true for freelance writers or anyone else creating copious amounts of text on a deadline.

How ILYS works

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your words flying across a blank page, however, those words can be distracting. For myself, I have a tendency to go back and want to change words that I do not like, or that I think interrupt the flow, but with ILYS, I cannot see anything but the letter I am typing. Once you start the platform, and enter your word count goal, and click “go.”

Then, a big black screen will come up and you can see the writing screen. The writing screen contains a space for only one letter at a time. You will notice letters disappearing as you type. They are not really gone, just waiting for you to reach your goal. There is also a little counter on top of the screen, and a subtle progress bar at the bottom. You will also see an arrow appear on the right of the screen once you have met your goal. Clicking on it will bring you to what you wrote in its entirety. Then, and only the, can you edit your words.

Focus, focus, focus

The great thing is, you can focus on your words and not if you have enough words on the page. The bad thing is, if you lose your train-of-thought, you cannot go back and peek until you are finished. I do like the minimalist background because it allows you to focus on nothing but the words, or letters, flying by and it keeps everything that you have typed; for better or worse.

ILYS works with most tablets and computers, but to be on the safe side, try a short goal first. Set a goal for twenty words and see if your computer saves what you type with the ILYS platform.

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