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Fitbit is on the decline, Apple is poised to snatch up their losses

(TECH NEWS) Consumers are asking: Why wear a fitbit when you could wear a watch that does so much more?


Way, way, way on the decline

Fitbit’s stock is down 71% this year, and they’re not alone. Fitness bands across the board have been struggling to spark new sales.

Couple that with the recent claim that Fitbit (and other fitness trackers) could violate European law by collecting too much unnecessary user data and not disclosing how it’s used, the fit tracking industry is on the brink.

Tell us how you really feel

You can see why these little plastic bands (or clips) that show only a flower, your step count and the time could be on their way out. They’re a slightly more advanced version of the Tamagotchi (only you feed them steps, and they reward you with a growing flower, instead of the intrinsic joy of feeding a virtual pet). Turn a Tamagotchi into a step counter and you would have a way more entertaining (albeit annoying) device.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Consumers are ditching Fitbit for being a one-trick pony. ” quote=”The point is, Fitbits are lame. And their competitors are too. In a world of Oculus Rifts, why would I wear a device that can only do one thing?”]

Where are the numbers going?

Enter Apple Watch. They’ll track your steps AND forward texts and e-mails to your WRIST. This is The Jetson’s type technology I’m talking about, and Kohl’s is hoping that consumers will feel the same way about their own fit trackers.

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Kohl’s struck a deal with Apple and will be slinging Apple Watches over the holidays in 400 of their stores.

Kohl’s will also be marketing the devices as fitness trackers instead of wearables.

This industry shift will force consumers to compare the Fitbit and Apple Watch side by side when making purchasing decisions, a features fight that has clearly already been won.

The reframing just might work

The Apple Watch has seen better days itself, and could use a shot in the arm from Kohl’s this holiday season.

iPhone users haven’t collectively seen the merit of the smart watch, and sales have been meh since its launch. Now that it’s being touted for its fitness tracking abilities, maybe Apple can enter a more specific market.

Now consumers who don’t want to spend three times more on an Apple Watch than a wearable can take advantage of Kohl’s buyers’ rewards programs and sales that wouldn’t be offered in other Apple retailers. They’re already advertising Kohl’s cash back on an iWatch purchase this Black Friday.

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The Apple Watch as a fitness tracker could be a game changer, inching one trick ponies like Fitbit out of the game once and for all, and offering trackers that do way more than beep and ask for more steps.


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C. L. Brenton is a staff writer at The American Genius. She loves writing about all things, she’s even won some contests doing it! For everything C. L. check out her website



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