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Google launches AI secretary to wait on hold for you

(TECH NEWS) Hold for Me is a new optional feature for Google Pixel phones that uses an AI to hold during long wait times so you don’t have to.

Man waiting on Google phone call.

Calling is usually the best way to get the information you need, but spending hours to get a representative to answer the other end of the line is frustrating. While we wait, we are forced to listen to awful elevator music. Your ears get all sweaty from having to hold the phone up to your ear, and the wrist pain is no joke. Yes, headphones help keep your hands free, but there is no resting for your ears. They have no choice but to listen to those annoying repetitive sounds and automated messages. For those tired with this first world nuisance, Google has something that might help alleviate the pain.

The company has released, Hold for Me, their latest Google phone app feature that allows Google Assistant to do all the waiting for you. Currently, this feature only works on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G devices in the U.S.

So, how does it work? You call a toll-free number. When you’re placed on hold, Google Assistant waits in line for you. Powered by Google’s Duplex technology, their algorithms can recognize “hold music”. It understands the difference between a recorded message and a customer support representative. While Google Assistant holds for you, your call is muted. Finally, you’re free of all that dull and annoying music!

At any time, you can “check real-time captions on your screen.” When someone is on the line, Google Assistant will notify you with a sound and vibration. And a screen prompt will say, “Someone’s waiting to talk to you.” It tells the representative to hold for you. Oh, how the roles have changed! This gives you time to answer your phone. However, I wouldn’t keep them waiting for too long. We don’t want to give them a reason to hang up after all that time.

“Hold for Me is our latest effort to make phone calls better and save you time,” said Google’s Andrew Goodman and Joseph Cherukara. It’s a good effort, but if you don’t want it, don’t worry. Hold for Me is an optional feature. It can be enabled in the phone settings, and you can choose to activate it during a call.

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Veronica Garcia has a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film from The University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not writing, she’s in the kitchen trying to attempt every Nailed It! dessert, or on the hunt trying to find the latest Funko Pop! to add to her collection.



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