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Mailbird is a beautiful speed reader tool for your emails


(Tech News) Mailbird is designed to take the time consumption out of your inbox and help you get closer to that coveted inbox zero zone, and with the speed reading tool, you’re one massive step closer.


Speed read your emails with Mailbird

Facing an inbox full of lengthy emails can make anyone want to shut off their computer and ignore them, but that is hardly productive. There are several apps on the market that allow you to “save for later” or make a to-do list from your emails (for the latter see this article); but what if you could power through your emails without the need to come back to them later.

Mailbird gives you the ability to do just that. Mailbird is a speed reader for your email, somewhat similar to Sparrow, but better.

Mailbird is optimized for speed. It is the fastest app in terms of processing speed and workflow speed. So, how does it work? They say people spend hours reading emails, averaging 200 words per minute, but this platform with help you read up to three times faster. Mailbird’s speed reading option is different from many other apps because the Mailbird app adjusts the speed of text when it encounters headlines sections of text, allowing you to read it for a slightly longer period of time than other text.

How to get started

To get it, simply download the program and add your email account information. They offer support for multiple IMAP email providers, such as, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, and AOL. Once you are set up, you can set your “reading speed.”

To start, you will probably want to set it between 200 words per minute (WPM), as that is the “average.” As you get used to the program, you can increase your reading speed up to 1,000 WPM, although the words flashing at that speed may feel a bit like a disco light. Ideally, you will be able to increase your speed up to 600 WPM, and read your emails three times as fast.

If you are worried about security, Mailbird never scans the content of your emails and will never store any of your data on their servers. So whatever is in your inbox remains for your eyes only. If you deal with multiple, lengthy emails throughout the day, Mailbird may be a good solution to help you deal with them quickly.

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