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There is a new app that allows you to both track time and generate an invoice

(TECH NEWS) Minterapp is all about helping small businesses and startups by beefing up productivity.


Tracking help

So you’re living the dream, running your own kick ass startup and finally being your own boss. It won’t take long for the honeymoon period to wane off and the logistical nightmare of keeping track of projects and invoices to hit you.

If you’ve already reached that point, then take note: Minterapp is all about helping small businesses and startups with project tracking and invoicing.

Here’s how Minterapp works

You’ll need to provide Minterapp with all the basic contact info along with your company and domain name. Confirm your email, then you’re off to the races.

I got right to the point by setting up a project and activating the apps time tracking feature, which works as a simple stopwatch you can turn on and off with a click. You can add notes to any time tracked project and label it under a specific category such as marketing, development or research.

This is where Minterapp shines

The ability to track not only time spent, but exactly how that time was spent is integral in keeping teams, especially remote teams accountable. It can also prevent teams from getting stuck on one important aspect of a project such as research at the expense of another, such as actually acting on that research.

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Minterapps’s invoicing feature is just as useful, but not as intuitive.

The ability to setup and track invoices is nothing new. The app allows users to track pending, completed and recurring payments. However, Minterapp takes it up a notch by allowing Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Business and Authorize.Net integration.

You’ll have to dig into your API settings and go through an authorization process to setup client payments. In all honesty, I got lost in some of the documentation, but in the long run giving clients instant pay options can result in quicker payments.

Minterapp also offers integration with other popular productivity apps like Trello and Basecamp.

This allows users to easily add time tracking to existing Trello or Basecamp projects, without having to create a new project from scratch. Keep in mind, users will have to install a separate Chrome app to utilize these features.

Proof is in the pudding

So far, Minterapp is used by over 2,500 companies. While a lot of users give Minterapp props for making invoicing and payment collection easier, I think Minterapp’s main value is in the accountability it brings to teams. In a time when people can work together for years, but never meet face to face, it’s integral to have an app that keeps how our time is used out in the open.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Minterapp is well suited for start ups and small businesses.” quote=”Minterapp is also well suited for the early stages of a startup when it’s especially easy to get stuck dreaming. “]

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Knowing that the time is running on a project can give teams the sense of urgency they need to go from dreaming to actually doing.


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Staff Writer, Arra Dacquel is a San Francisco based writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Davis and is currently studying web development. She’s obsessed with tech news and corgis, but not in that order.

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