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Peek: calendar app for people who hate calendar apps

peek calendar

(Tech News) Peek is a gesture-based minimalist calendar app that appeals to people who really don’t like calendar apps. It is easy to use, well designed, and stunningly beautiful.

peek calendar

Hate Calendar app, but want something sexy? Take a “peek” at this

There is a seemingly endless stream of calendar application available for mobiles devices and everyone has a favorite. However, it is hard to choose one that does not feel like you are being constantly bombarded with too much information, or using something designed for people with an uber busy schedule. Peek is designed for casual users. You decide how much information you view. You can plan your time without feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking for a more minimalistic, but still sexy, functional calendar, take a peek at Peek.

Peek has an air of play about it; from the playful interactive layout to the gestures, adding events is actually fun. It is simple to use. See just a glimpse of your day, or an overview of the month.

Instead of using the conventional navigational elements, Peek introduces new ones: from setting the time to adding events, navigation is fluid and fun. I found the “peek” feature to be the most useful. View one event at a time, which is especially nice on those days when you wake up feeling overwhelmed. View your first event and ignore the rest; allowing you to prepare for the day, but not stress. You can also sync with all iPhone events, and other calendars such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook, but will stand on its own as well.

And our favorite part: gestures

Peeking is not the only gesture, and the gestures make it fun:

  • Swipe left to view the menu; swipe right to get rid of it. Tap and hold for half a second on any day you want to add a new event to.
  • “Peek an event” viewing the location and duration without opening it by swiping on the even or pulling it to the right. To delete and event, just tap on it and you will be in “edit mode.” Swipe down to the bottom and click the trash can icon.
  • Place your hand at the top of the screen and “shade” your phone and the time will appear (turn this gesture on from the app’s “settings;” by default it is turned off).
  • And the best one, shake your phone several times and a random event will appear. For example, “do what makes you happy.” And you can add this to your calendar or just ignore it.

Peek is currently available only for iPhone, but they plan to release versions for iPad and Android soon. Peek is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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