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Primeloop helps you manage an effective retargeting campaign

(Tech News) Primeloop helps you manage a more effective retargeting campaign by creating short easily shared URLs.


Primeloop: retargeting for any sized brand

Retargeting is a great way to keep people engaged with your brand, but running these campaigns can be a hassle. Shutterfly recently experienced an instance of retargeting failure. A message of congratulations was intended to retarget customers who had recently bought birth announcements from them, but wound up going to a much larger audience. This can be a somewhat uncomfortable situation for people who have experienced infertility or a loss. Shutterfly apologized and began using a new retargeting company.

Primeloop is an easier way to manage a retargeting campaign, especially for smaller businesses. Primeloop syncs with your existing campaign and creates short URLS with all the campaign details attached. This allows you to target customers through links you share in social media, comments, and any other media channels you use.

You can also use the Primeloop Chrome extension to instantly create tracking URLS and share them in two clicks. In the Shutterfly example above, Primeloop suggest sharing a tracking URL on social media, links to the apology letter Shutterfly issued, any links included in that letter, as well as any answers regarding the incident. Effectively connecting every piece of the marketing effort to one another and helping to get the word out more efficiently.

Taking the guesswork out of the process

Using Primeloop takes a bit of the guess work out of running and maintaining an effective retargeting campaign. And with the Chrome extension, you can easily use it without leaving your browser.

Since Primeloop is a newly launched company, their web site does not state what type of analytics or dashboard tools you get to analyze how well your URLs are doing at reaching your target audience. I am hopeful that you would be able to see if they were clicked, number of times clicked, and if they were shared. If there are some type of analytics included, and I would imagine there would be, it is a great tool for retarget marketing across the board.

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