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Boost your sales conversions with shopable images

(MARKETING) Creating images and sliders for your site with this simple took could work wonders for your sales.


Promising to turn your photos into profit, Shopable monetizes product images by allowing ecommerce shops to create embeddable shopable images and sliders that can help increase engagement and click through rates by placing animated shopping tags on your website’s product images.

For example, say you’re in the couch selling business. If you’re using Shopables, your customer will know how much the couch costs because there’s a small tag attached to the either side of the image offering the price and product name.

Once a customer hovers over the image, they’ll have the option be given more details seamlessly. If they like it, they can click it and be immediately transported to a product page where they can hammer out the details, and eventually put that baby in their cart and purchase.

Image from (visit their site to click or see the demo, this is just a screenshot).

Shopable hopes that these little price tags and quick views will prompt action to increase conversion.

I really did not want to like Shopables. I dream of living in a world where just once I’ll be able to go into a J.Crew and the perky sales associate won’t have to offer me online shopping options with free shipping. Why do I try to go to stores anymore? Alas, we live in an ecommerce world and if I want to be a material girl, I gotta click through.

I get it. If you want to turn your traffic into increased conversion, Shopables is a great way to do so because it’s in-your-face easy and a vast improvement to apps like LikeToKnowIt which can be hard for users to navigate and geared toward Instagram lifestyle fiends.

But, here’s the thing, will the tags cheapen the online shopping experience from an aspirational aspect? For example, if luxury brands used Shopables, it feels as though it could take away from the exclusive quality of the shopping experience. Sure, online shopping is private and no one needs to know how much you spent, but something just feels cheap about a tag sale.

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On the other hand, a tag registers as affordable, and although I don’t really need something else to enable my stress shopping at least with Shopable, I know what I can afford.

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Meg Furey-Marquess is a Staff Writer at The American Genius. She has covered tech for The Metro Silicon Valley and The Bold Italic. She was named one of the Top 39 Writers on Medium in 2016.

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