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Simplifyd centralizes client management, boosts productivity


(Tech News) Simplifyd is a web app that manages your clients, invoicing, and estimates, by centralizing everything in one place seamlessly.


Simplifyd streamlines your client management efforts

Some of the most necessary tasks of running and maintaining a business can also be the most tiresome. How many hours a day do we spend sifting through email? More time than we care to think about, I am certain. Often times we rely on email to house our address books; containing personal and business contacts that we need to remain in contact over a project, or are saving “just in case,” but switching back and forth between address books, invoicing software, and any other programs needed to run a business efficiently, can be counterproductive.

Simplifyd, formerly known as Pinnit, is a web app that manages your clients, invoicing, and estimates by centralizing everything in one place, seamlessly.

Simplifyd is actually a powerful address book, client manager, estimate and invoicing creator, finance tracker, note/reminder pad, and efficient sales tracking tool, all rolled into one efficient app. No more creating invoices in Excel or Word, or searching or client details in your inbox. You will have what you need, when you need it.

No more endless toggling

Using Simplifyd also means that you will not have to toggle between programs to efficiently do what it takes to run your business. Find client details, contact them, and send them the relevant invoice all from Simplifyd. From your dashboard, you can add client details, view your calendar, track finances, and more.

To add a new client, simply click on “clients” in the dashboard and enter their details. Once you click “save,” they will be immediately added to your database. From the contact screen, you can also see how much you have invoiced them, the amount remaining (in red), as well as the ability to send estimates, or book events all from a single screen. This also helps to eliminate email clutter, by reducing the number of invoices, contact information, and other information that is passed on and lost through unread or deleted email messages.

In an update released today, you now have the ability to use Stripe to accept credit card payments for your invoices. Simply connect, or sign up for Stripe then connect, your account from the “settings” tab, and you will be ready to accept Stripe payments. With this new update, invoicing is not only easier, it also has the ability to help you get paid faster. Give Simplifyd a look and see what you think (currently in beta, but accepting testers).

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