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Steve Jobs: did the wrong guy at Apple get all of the credit?

saint steve jobs

Steve Jobs has inspired a generation, but a new book out today may expand fanatics’ awareness of other genius within the Apple ranks.

saint steve jobs

Was credit given to the wrong guy?

It is said that Steve Jobs didn’t craft any designs or manufacture any code, yet is revered as the patron saint of all technology, symbolically canonized by the masses long before his passing. He has been an inspirational figure for many, and led Apple to its leading role in the industry, but is the wrong guy being given all of the credit?

According to what is sure to be a controversial book, Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney, asserts that while Jobs deserves endless credit, the true genius behind the Apple brand never donned a black turtleneck or round glasses, but designed the iPad, the iPhone, and even the iMac.

By way of video production firm, Simplifilm, a promotional video launched this morning about the book:

Potential fallout

When we first saw this title, we wondered how long it would take for Apple or the Jobs estate to react – our bet is that it will be before dark today. Is that bad for the book? Of course not, it could generate more buzz and create sales.

But what is more pressing in our minds is – after reading, will the reverence for Jobs continue, or will this supplement the Apple brands with even stronger fans for Jobs, and now Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, Jony Ive? While the title is catchy and the quite mysterious ways of Apple could be unveiled to a degree, we suspect that this will initially upset the Jobs fanatics, but create a more accurate and broad view of the Apple brand.

You’ll see new Ive fans emerge, but you’ll also see current Apple fans validated in the genius of the brand, regardless of whose brain was tapped for the final product.

The book is available on Amazon; no one at AG has any affiliation with the author or book.



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