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TaskCracker: drag and drop productivity tool for Outlook


Take your Outlook tasks from boring to visually vibrant with simple drag and drop tool, TaskCracker, maximizing your email productivity.


TaskCracker makes Outlook a thousand times better

If you have ever opened your Outlook application and felt overwhelmed; you are not alone. Trying to decipher which tasks are the most important with a full calendar is not always easy. TaskCracker offers a better way to view your Outlook calendar. The TaskCracker at-a-glance view offers a grid with priority levels (high, medium, low) on the left; and dates at the top (today, tomorrow, next week).

It also offers color coded categories allowing you see your agenda for the day in seconds, rather than spending time scrolling through Outlook, trying to find what you need for the day. So not only are you less frustrated, but also, more efficient. No more cluttered folders and no more holding on to the email until you decide what to do with it. This vibrant visual layout helps you see if your workload is spread sensibly over your week, or if some things need to be moved. After you have made changes to your daily agenda, you can switch back to the original Outlook to-do view and start doing tasks one by one.

Native in Outlook, no need to leave

Once installed, TaskCracker launches from within Outlook, with one click. You do not have to switch between applications: TaskCracker is native in the Outlook application. It is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 compatible. Once it is installed, you can move tasks around by dragging and dropping them, allowing you to change their priority and deadline.

This tool is based on the best task management methods such as Eisenhower Matrix and Things First by Stephen Covey. These methods are at the foundation of the TaskCracker urgency/important matrix. This visual method helps you strategically plan your tasks. It works on the principle that not every urgent task is important and vice versa, so, when you put the task into the TaskCracker display, you get a visual signal: what do I need to do now, and what can wait. This allows you to focus on what really needs to get done and quickly rearrange and reprioritize other tasks.

TaskCracker is available for free for thirty days; afterwards it is $39.95 for personal use, on multiple computers and team pricing is available.

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