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Tech news: tag people on any website just like Facebook

Facebook’s distinguishing factor

tagNo matter what changes Facebook makes to their system (per numerous announcements yesterday), their distinguishing factor is the ability for users to tag each other in videos, pictures and notes which publishes this shared content on the tagged and the tagger’s profiles, making content easier to spread and more permanent than Twitter or other social networks.

This function has not been replicated outside of Facebook. Google has tried something similar with Google Sidewiki by allowing people to talk about a website in a sidebar, but it didn’t syndicate that content to their social sphere which makes it difficult to find, especially given how few people know about Google Sidewiki.

The solution is now available

Today, Taggable launches to mixed reviews. Taggable allows anyone to tag other people on any website and send that tag to their Facebook wall and the tagged user’s wall. Privacy advocates and the TechCrunch audience are clamoring that this is a horrible idea, but I’ve toyed with it and I quite like the idea.

Taggable works on the Facebook API and allows users to sign in with Facebook, drag a bookmarklet to their browser bar and start tagging. I tested Taggable on the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome. It works perfectly on iE and FF but only has partial functionality on Chrome (it does not allow you to clarify the tagged person’s role in the tagged item).

What I enjoy about this new service is that I can upload all of my event pictures to Flickr and simply tag the images from there instead of upload them to Facebook as well. What I don’t like is that it isn’t a live tag, meaning it doesn’t instantly tag people, they bundle them and release them on FB in bursts.

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I have seen them post to my wall so far, but they have yet to post to the tagged peoples’ walls, so I can’t vouch for how smoothly the service works so far but it looks like it will soon aggregate to Twitter, so I’m excited about that! Lastly, the service has an arbitrary points system which I don’t understand or care for, but we all know there is a segment of the real estate industry that thrives on points. I suspect that Taggable will be big for the real estate techies.

Here’s how Taggable works:

I opened a single post on AgentGenius about the Top 10 trending topics of the week to tag the authors featured in the top 10:




For those who may not be able to see the real estate implications, just imagine that you upload a listing and tag yourself in it, your seller tags themselves in it, your seller’s neighbor tags themselves in it (look, facebook friends, the house next door is for sale, come live by me!) or if it’s a historic home, you can tag the HOA’s fan page, the historic preservation society’s fan page, and it all syndicates to the tagger’s facebook news stream AND to the tagged person’s news stream. The implications are endless, but it’s a simple way to increase exposure and passively insert your professional life into an increasingly unprofessional social network. Soon, these technologies will allow you to geo-tag images, so it will be changing the landscape even further as the gold rush that is “geo” continues.

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Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.



  1. Joe Loomer

    April 21, 2010 at 5:55 am

    As long as you’re limited to who your Facebook friends are anyway – and can’t just randomly tag someone you’re not connected to (and have that information arbitrarily post on SOMEONE’S wall on Facebook) – then this seems no different (and a little easier) than posting a link to each individual’s wall to share the same information. Actually sounds kinda fun!

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

    • Lani Rosales

      April 21, 2010 at 10:21 am

      That’s correct, it’s using Facebook Connect, so you can only tag your friends. Now it becomes more important who is your friend and who is NOT your friend on Facebook and vice versa.

  2. Ken Brand

    April 21, 2010 at 7:52 am

    Looks pretty handy. Another destiny accelerator. I wonder if theres a way to block yourself from being tagged. Personally, I’ll take all the tagging (destiny acceleration) I can get. I think?

    Thanks for always sharing the good stuff.


    • Lani Rosales

      April 21, 2010 at 10:24 am

      I think so. Plus, you’ll get an idea pretty quickly of who is abusive with it and who is not.

      I don’t know what the adoption rate is, but I wouldn’t mind people tagging me in web content!

  3. Fred Romano

    April 21, 2010 at 10:22 am

    I love you guys – seriously … BUT I am curious how this really relates to real estate. I mean there is already a great social media/tech site out there – – and it seems like you are heading in that direction.

    • Benn Rosales

      April 21, 2010 at 10:25 am

      Hi Fred, I know it’s hard to understand for some people, but the greater play here is Tagging, from your blog to your FB creating touch opportunities with clients who participate. Also, we’ll very soon be able to geo tag property pictures, neighborhoods, and locations.

    • Lani Rosales

      April 21, 2010 at 10:32 am

      Fred, now when you put a listing on Trulia, Zillow,, blah blah blah, you can tag yourself as content creator and give your listings more exposure. Brokers can tag their agents, sellers can tag their own homes, etc. I apologize for not spelling it out more clearly in real estate terms, I overestimated that the implications would be understood.

      There are thousands of great tech sites out there that have existed for over a decade, and we have written about technology since day one, and we also write about green real estate, commercial real estate, brokerage models, real estate data accuracy (oh sorry, that’s technology, but maybe we should leave that to Mashable?), ethics, law, internet privacy issues, fair housing, marketing, advertising, consumerism, mortgage, finance news, and the like. I understand though, I used to think Mashable was a lot like TechCrunch was a lot like Wired, but each has its own niche and I’ve come to appreciate each for what it specializes in, even if it doesn’t spell it out in every single article in big bold comic sans font.

  4. Ken Brand

    April 21, 2010 at 10:48 am

    To me, this is awesome. Someone tags you, it’s like whispering your name into everyone’s ear. Like all this sharing stuff, it’s another Destiny Accelerator. Do good and your grow faster, do bad and you fail faster. I’m cool with that.


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