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Zippy: app helps you to get better at completing tasks

zippy app

(Tech News) If you love graphs and you’re obsessed with productivity, Zippy is an app designed for you – it doesn’t just track your tasks, it pinpoints where you can improve.

zippy app

Legitimate insights into your task management

There are a great number of tools available to help you add tasks to a list and check them off, but few offer analytics regarding how good you are at actually completing tasks. Enter Zippy, an app for iOS that proclaims to help users to “get better at completing those tasks” that they manage through the app.

Judging your productivity levels is critical for the busy professional looking to squeeze out extra seconds in every day, streamlining every process and improving your performance at every turn possible. If you can’t stand the idea of wasting time, or being in the dark as to your performance, or heck, if you’re just obsessed with graphs, this app is for you.

Zippy is an extremely simple task manager that allows you to add tasks, schedule a due date (or not), and categorize them through the use of tags, a behavior that has become innate for most web users. Tasks can be deleted or rescheduled after the fact, should you find the need.

Tasks offer a reminder on your iOS device, and you can either swipe left and indicate it has been completed, or hit snooze and deal with it later (hint: the device is tracking your behaviors, so choose wisely).

The pièce de résistance: Insights

Speaking of tracking behaviors, early adopters have fallen in love with the “Insights” tab which features all of your completed tasks, missed dates, percentage of tasks completed on time, how far in advance you schedule tasks, how many tasks you actually create versus complete, and on average, what time you actually create and complete tasks. You can even filter the data by week, month, and so forth.

All of this information is depicted in graph form so you can pinpoint where you can improve. You can better pinpoint what types of tasks you’re slow to complete, and honestly, competing with yourself and trying to improve your stats is the reason this app will work for those that are striving to achieve maximum productivity.

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