Realtors- waterproof pad lets you write down your brilliant ideas in the shower

Don’t let another brilliant idea go down the drain

Some people say that the best ideas are fleshed out on the back of a napkin, but we all know that in the morning when our brains are waking up, we tend to solve the world’s problems right from our showers but tend to lose them by the time our hair dries off.

What a great productivity tool- writing down your goals for the day while conditioner sets or simply lining up your moments of genius as they strike you.

Whitson Gordon said, “With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to find time to let inspiration in—which is why some of us get our best ideas when we let our minds wander, which it does best during mundane tasks like washing our hair.”

The video demo above shows AquaNotes in action- we like that it can even be used in the tub.

Tell us in comments what brilliant ideas you’ve had in the shower and what became of them (keep it clean)!


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