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digital video

Video streaming: is using software or a ser...

Oct 15, 2013No Comments

Now that the world understands YouTube, brands are becoming aware of the restrictions and considering how to graduate from the video sharing platform to a

bing video search

Bing video search gets a makeover, is prett...

Sep 12, 20131 Comment

Bing updates video searches in a big way: high-res video previews, plus better sources and filters.


7 tips to measure the success of video mark...

Aug 27, 20132 Comments

Video marketing can be difficult yet rewarding, and many brands are trying their hand at this media, but when preparing to implement video, it is


Top scientifically proven methods of persua...

Dec 08, 2012No Comments

All businesses can benefit from more powerful persuasion tactics, and science has vetted many ways to improve a business' bottom line through persuasion.


Flowtility: high-quality motion graphics fo...

Nov 26, 20122 Comments

This startup seeks to make available extremely high quality graphics and animation for your Powerpoint presentations, videos, and other demonstrations that will blow your competitors

mozilla popcorn maker

Mozilla Popcorn Maker: remix, add live cont...

Nov 20, 2012No Comments

Web video has become a mainstream marketing tool, but there is still room for improvement as video becomes more interactive and enhanced with Mozilla's free

interactive video

RollyPolly: instantly make any video intera...

Nov 13, 2012No Comments

Video has become a major tool in all marketers' tool box, and this startup helps to make your videos on YOUR site more interactive and

video editor magisto

Magisto: video editing tool for tech idiots...

Oct 26, 2012No Comments

Magisto is a video editing app that any tech idiot can master in seconds, it's super simple and a fun way to jazz up your

youtube videos near me

Tech tool: map out YouTube videos filmed ne...

Aug 21, 20121 Comment

Learn about your neighborhood, use this to find local videos to insert into your blog, connect with fellow businesses featured, and more. For free. Genius!

sony xperia

Sony Xperia’s inspiring video campaig...

Jul 03, 2012No Comments

For brands looking to step up or get started with video, Sony's campaign should serve as inspiration to focus on emotion, as is the current


Realtor ratings site launches humorous web ...

Jun 25, 20121 Comment

Through the use of a humorous web video series, Mountain of Agents demonstrates the value of Realtor ratings.


Web video viewers average 22 hours watching...

Jun 18, 20122 Comments

As web video becomes more mainstream, viewers are spending more and more time streaming videos.