Trulia updates data cycle as accuracy debate reignites

January 29, 2013


Trulia claims “the most accurate real estate listings” announced recently that their mobile app has been updated, offering the most accurate real estate listings, updating their system directly from Multiple Listing Services every 15 minutes. On the heels of the statements, Trulia has updated their own data processing framework, enabling continuous data cycle processing and updating for property information displayed on the site.

The company says the new framework ensures high-value listing information including property type, listing address, and basic property details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, open house times, and photo updates are refreshed on Trulia “in as little as 10 minutes.”

“It is an obvious advantage to consumers and to our listing brokers to display only the most current information in Internet advertising. Brokers now see their listing changes updated on Trulia in near real-time,” said MRED CEO Russ Bergeron. “These changes help the real estate practitioner throughout our Chicagoland market to more effectively market their properties and ensure consumers receive the most up-to-date information while searching for their new home.”

Trulia investing “significant” resources into data accuracy

“Our new data processing framework is far more efficient and reliable, allowing us to update more feeds and more listings on a continuous basis throughout the day,” said Alon Chaver, VP Industry Services at Trulia. “We’re investing significant engineering and product resources to improve the accuracy and freshness of listings on Trulia as part of our long-term commitment to solving one of the industry’s toughest challenges.”

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Chaver adds, “Providing the freshest and most accurate listings to consumers is critical and requires ongoing collaboration with our partner brokers and MLSs. We are committed to continually working together to best serve the needs of buyers and sellers searching for property information and connecting them with agents online.”

Highlighting the top real estate issue du jour: data

Trulia says the data processing upgrades are part of their ongoing efforts to improve accuracy, so we anticipate more announcements will be forthcoming this year.

The timing could be coincidental, but highlights that the biggest real estate search sites are responding to their feet being held to the fire by the real estate industry regarding data accuracy, and it is of particular note that refreshes data every 15 minutes, with Trulia stating they update “in as little as 10 minutes,” which offers them a little more wiggle room than’s statements, but is noteworthy.

While it is definitely a win for everyone for real estate listing data to be accurate, particularly home buyers and sellers, the focus on data processing frameworks reminds us a lot of the eight minute ab people trying to be outdone by the seven minute ab fanatics, and so on and so forth. The races have already begun, so we will be watching as they heat up.

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  1. Weird, I would think the listing broker would have the most accurate information since they control the outbound data feed, but hey – maybe Trulia has top secret tech I don’t know about!

    • Many brokers that have feeds are only getting updates daily. If Trulia is getting some of their info from a Broker’s RETS, it isnt all 10-15 minutes fresh.

    • Todd from Trulia here. Brokers often source a feed of their own listings from the MLS, then deliver it to us. In this situation, many are now choosing to have the MLS provide the information to us directly. Much of it depends on their business model/practices.

      • Understood. I guess my point was…the listing broker still knows far before Trulia knows, what the intent/status change is going to be on their own listings – additionally any licensed agent with MLS access still theoretically has 15 minutes more accurate data than Trulia does (if they query straight from their MLS, which is the only true source of “the most accurate listings”)

        • I didn’t write the press release, so not sure on the intent of that quote. My understanding is that this new framework is the “most accurate” way for us to publish listings (as opposed to using syndicators.

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