facebook cover photos

13 Facebook cover photos free to download, no watermarks

January 21, 2013

facebook cover photos

Facebook cover photos

Facebook cover photos are a complicated animal – they can be fuzzy, boring, or rule-breaking if done poorly. Today, we are highlighting 11 creative Facebook cover photos from Cover Photo Finder, which offers thousands of cover photos free for download, and the best part is that unlike most cover photo collections, they haven’t been watermarked with their logo and website.

When visiting the site and scrolling through the images, you can click “use this cover photo,” and log in through Facebook, but if you don’t want to give permissions to the app, all you have to do is right click on your chosen image, and click “open image in new tab,” which will automatically save the image to your computer. Then, manually upload the image to your Facebook profile or page.

We’ve shared hundreds of inspirational cover photos (“25 fresh Facebook cover photos to inspire your own,” “50 Facebook timeline covers: examples, best practices,” “50 more timeline covers,” and “50 brands using timeline cover photos“), and given tips on how to format your Facebook cover photo to be less fuzzy, and showed you tools on creating your own timeline cover photo (PicMonkey’s drag and drop collage featurean iPhone app that helps create cover photos, and a Photoshop template for custom designed cover photos), and informed you as to extra reasons that your cover photo actually matters.

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Most importantly, though, when you’re selecting a cover photo, there are many rules that could result in your profile or page being permanently deleted without warning, so get to know them before making any adjustments.

13 cover photos to choose from

Click any of the images below to get the actual cover photo that is available (remember, a right click and saving the image means you don’t have to give the site access to your Facebook account or “earn stars,” whatever that means), and while you’re there, poke around and perhaps find one of the other thousands of options to select as your own:

facebook cover photo download

download facebook cover photos

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facebook cover photo download

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download facebook cover picture

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facebook cover photo download

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rainbow cover photo for facebook

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download free facebook cover photos

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