nest acquired by google

Google buys Nest for $3.2B, now has more eyes in your home

January 13, 2014

nest acquired by google

Google acquires Nest, gets into home electronics game

Google already has satellites in the sky and cars on the ground photographing the world around us, they’re taking notes on every move you make online or on your Android device, and will now be inside of homes, potentially tracking your energy habits as they acquire Nest and hop right into the home electronics game.

Nest popped up a few years back and was one of the most intuitive, fun innovations seen for the home in some time, and sales took off. The web-connected smart thermostats connect with users’ smartphones and help improve energy use in the home. Recently, they launched smoke detectors to modernize them and potentially save lives.

This captured Google’s attention, who has reportedly ponied up $3.2 billion to buy the entire company. “They’re already delivering amazing products you can buy right now,” Google CEO Larry Page said of the acquisition, adding, “We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!”

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Nest addresses potential worries regarding how well a Google-owned company will cooperate with Apple (especially important given that Nest has a widely adopted iOS app), stating that they will continue to develop the iOS apps tied to their products, and there will be no charge to the warranties on their products.

Privacy concerns – valid or unfounded?

Given how pervasive Google already is in our daily lives, concerns will inevitably come up regarding homeowners having Google-owned products right inside of their houses, especially should their be a security breach that could offer hackers information ranging from basic personal information to habits about when people are and are not home on a regular basis.

Nest states, “Our privacy policy clearly limits the use of customer information to providing and improving Nest’s products and services. We’ve always taken privacy seriously and this will not change.”

Secure or not, Google now has even more eyes in homes across the globe. Smart move, but one that will raise some eyebrows along the way.

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