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Who benefits the most from mobile content?

(MARKETING NEWS) This year, US advertisers will spend $42.01 billion reaching consumers with mobile placements, including all ad formats service to all mobile internet-connected devices. With numbers like that, is it any wonder that content is king?

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The one relationship that never fails

I’m pretty convinced that mobile devices have pretty much replaced dogs as man’s [and woman’s] best friend. Heck, that MD’s haven’t replaced our significant others is surely just a matter of time.

Our mobile device is always there. Always ready. Doesn’t complain. Geez, if the thing could only cook I’d be in hog heaven. That said, you’d be surprised how the way different groups rely on their mobile devices translates to different attitudes toward ads.

Different strokes for different folks

That’s right, different groups. There’s enough statistical evidence out there to classify mobile device users. From passionate smart phone users to merely interested. And if you don’t think that’s important from a financial point of view, you’re just not paying attention.

Consider: according to eMarketer, “this year, US advertisers will spend $42.01 billion reaching consumers with mobile placements, including all ad formats service to all mobile internet-connected devices.”

And it doesn’t end there. Marketing think tank GfK MRI identified five distinct groups of mobile consumers, groupings that were based more on behaviors than psychographics or life stages. “Mobile fundamentals and mobile embracers each represent about a quarter of the mobile population, and make up the largest groups. The embracers live their lives on mobile—but the fundamentals are not always comfortable with a Smartphone.”

Userability and connectivity

GfK adds that these groups often have very different attitudes toward apps. “While most respondents overall said apps made their lives easier, for example, mobile embracers, casual gamers and entertainment seekers over-indexed on this measure. The same three groups were also notably more likely to say apps provided entertainment and made their phone an ‘experience’.”

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What’s more, the different mobile audiences not only have attitudes regarding apps, but they also had different opinions about mobile ads. According to eMarketer, “mobile embracers and entertainment seekers over-indexed in their willingness to receive more ads in exchange for perks like lower monthly mobile fees or free text messaging.”

What you have and how you use it

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the type of mobile device you have matters much less than how the device is being used. Salespage points out that, “it’s not just the number of people using mobile devices that’s on the rise; employers are investing more in mobile applications, too, so there are more opportunities than ever to connect from wherever you happen to be.”

The crucial thing is to have the ability to quickly pick up your phone, check your tablet, or glance at your smartwatch and then take immediate action; this is a key to success, both for you and for your company.

A burden and a blessing

Mobile access and connectivity can be your best friend or worst enemy – connect with the world in seconds or, if you lose your device, you’re completely screwed as you find yourself shut out from even the simplest aspect of your job and the information that goes with it.


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.

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1 Comment

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