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McDonald’s halfheartedly answers Taco Bell parody ad

mcdonald's taco bell

(Business Marketing) McDonald’s has answered to Taco Bell’s hilarious tv ad featuring real life Ronald McDonalds endorsing Taco Bell’s new breakfast items, but the response is so weak, it’s kind of sad.

mcdonald's taco bell

McDonald’s blows it. Unless there’s a secret plan in place.

This week, Taco Bell launched a hilarious tv ad, rounding up real life men named Ronald McDonald, and filming them enjoying the new Taco Bell breakfast menu, a clear shot over the bow.

Taco Bell has come onto the breakfast scene, chosen their competitor, and taken them on in a memorable way. They’ve challenged McDonald’s to a duel, and while Taco Bell brought a machete, McDonald’s brought a butter knife, posting the above photo to their Facebook page with the caption, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

That’s it. That was the answer. A picture of the dead Taco Bell dog being pet by Ronald McDonald, and a weak caption about imitation. Sure, Taco Bell is launching breakfast, so McDonald’s is taking that to task (we guess), and offering free coffee for two weeks starting today, perhaps hoping that people will be so hocked up on caffeine that they won’t be hungry for a competitor’s waffle taco.

Perhaps McDonald’s has more in store – maybe they’ll get all Old Spice and be weird about it, or maybe they’ll mock the drunk Taco Bell customer who walks in at 6am, still up from the night before, holding up the line because they don’t understand how a crunchwrap works (“HOW DOES LIKE A CRUNSHWRAPP WORKS?”), and weed smoke coming out of the doors of a Taco Bell, with a McDonald’s across the street filled with professionals grabbing a coffee on the way to work, rolling their eyes. Boring, not creative at all, but at least a measured answer to Taco Bell’s parody of Ronald McDonald’s.

In a decade, no one will remember this stupid picture McDonald’s posted, but they might remember the time that a bunch of real life Ronald McDonalds endorsed Taco Bell. Step it up, McD, step it up. If you’re going to come to the fight, you better have more than this bent up butter knife. Since you don’t appear to have plans to fight, we can’t wait to see how Taco Bell uses this against you – and they will. And it will probably be hilarious.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Danny Brown

    March 31, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    THANK YOU! I saw this ad, and how everyone was gushing over it, and my reaction was the same as yours – “Huh? That’s it? What’s so awesome about that?”

    Now, get Chuck Norris wolfing down a Big Mac while drop-kicking seven shades of crap out of Taco Bell HQ… now we might have a movie! 🙂

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