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How are millennials accessing video content, and where should your brand be?

So you’ve got some video content you’re hoping to push on some unsuspecting millennials. Great! Now where do you put it?

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So you’ve got video content

Your brand is looking to snag the most effective audience with video content. But with so many content options (at least 9, to be exact: TV Shows, full-length movies, music videos, sports, videos of people playing video games, other user-generated content, clips of TV shows, home videos, and live events) which avenue do you choose to pursue? Well, before you answer that question, you must first better understand who your audience should be: millennials.


The most active video viewers

Thanks to, we know that millennials are the most active video viewers of any other US age group; and expect that there will be 78 million millennial digital viewers this year. Not only do millennials enjoy digital video, but they still appreciate traditional television too; with adults ages 18 to 24 watching more than 18.5 hours, while 25-34 year old’s watched almost 25 hours a week.

Where do they spend their viewing time?

So back to our original question, how does your brand get the attention of these 78 million viewers, with 9 different video content options? According to research from TiVo, TV shows are the absolute best way to get their attention; with 34% of respondents preferring it over other content platforms.

This means promo within actual TV shows, or traditional commercial space in between breaks are the best two strategies.

After television, follows full-length movies (18%), and music videos (12%). On the contrary, clips of TV shows (5%), home videos (3%) and live events (3%), are the least watched content among millennials. So if you planned on using advertisement during live events or home videos (how?) to promote your brand – it’s definitely time to re-strategize.

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Focus instead on full length TV shows, getting movie features, or music video advertisements. Another good idea is to get your brand involved with sports somehow, since 9% of millennials watch sports for their content. Sports sponsorships, commercials, and ad space are all good ways to achieve that.

An alterative to social media

Stay up to date, and ahead of the curve with your brand strategy and approach. With social media so popular, it’s easy and often for businesses assume, most consumers respond best to user-generated content (YouTube, Vine etc., but they’re wrong.

Before you go investing in the wrong video content, and audience, be sure to exhaust the top content options to the best of your brands ability.

Find a way to get your brand involved in TV shows, full-length movies, or music videos, and open the door to 78 million potential viewers and consumers.

Happy planning!


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Lauren Flanigan is a Staff Writer at The American Genius, hailing from the windy hills of Cincinnati, with a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. She has escaped the hills, and currently resides in Atlanta, where you can almost always find her camping at a Starbucks strategizing on how to take over the world.



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