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PicMonkey photo editor adds five new fonts

PicMonkey, now widely used as a replacement for the now dead Picnik photo editor, has added new fonts to make your marketing even better.


PicMonkey adds new fonts

When online photo editor Picnik closed, many tears were shed. But those tears dried up when some of the original Picnik folk launched PicMonkey, a mostly-free photo editor that is similar to Picnik, only more modern, and dare we say sexy. PicMonkey is relevant because Photoshop is out of reach for many people, and there are some things that can be done without a graphic designer (sorry, graphic designers).

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who is blogging to get your brand out there and you just need better looking photos in your blog posts, or you are a team leader and need some flyers to be printed on a zero dollar budget. That’s PicMonkey’s sweet spot, and while most features are free, there is a pro version that unlocks all features.

This week, the company has announced the launch of five new fonts to round out their offering, and we took note not because it is a new feature (trust us, we hear about new features all day every day), but because of the actual fonts chosen that bring the service ahead of some of its competitors, offering both modern and professional fonts alongside the more hipster flavored fonts.

While Futura is a commonly used font, Geo Sans Light works as a great substitute, and Mossy looks like what the hottest Instagram users apply to their photos for that extra oomph.

We encourage anyone on a budget or anyone who lacks technical skills to go play with PicMonkey and get your toes wet so you can get used to using it for flyers, better imagery for your blog and website, or even simple things like making your headshot look less Glamor Shot-y and more modern.


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